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D3D4LU5 is a generative software containing two aesthetic and semantic dimensions that subtly interact. In the first, algorithms based on intelligent agents weave diaphanous structures, simultaneously outlining a soundscape characterized by an extremely slow but vibrant polyphonic rhythm, while against the background of this dense, almost particulate action, the artist has attempted to project the legend of Daedalus, in filigree, as it were. The second generative element has as its starting point an adapted version of a phrase pronounced by James Joyce's character Stephen Dedalus: “A software makes no mistakes. Its errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.” The quote has been changed to make software its subject, then, powered by a lexical database and innervated by computational models, it generates endless variations on the theme. This pseudo-narrative dimension is the growing medium out of which D3D4LU5 is ready to rise as an autonomous character.

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Alessandro Capozzo , "D3D4LU5", 2016. Software.
C++, Openframeworks, and PD. Data generated with RiTa.

Made with Openframeworks - Pure Data - RITA

work: D3D4LU5 - stills -
year: 2015 version
medium: software still frames

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work:: D3D4LU5 - movie -
year: 2015 version
medium: video documentation

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